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>Yesterday I had the wonderful pleasure of attending an event for Team Beachbody in Vancouver Wa.  Just a short hop, skip and a jump away from where I live.  I am so excited for what 2011 is going to bring for coaches with Beachbody.  Amazing promotions, great trips and incentives along with the best support of any business I’ve ever seen!  Where else can you go where everyone is working towards the same goal?  Where you aren’t feeling like a fish in a see of sharks ready to be devoured?  I feel support even when I am not with my “team”.  My team is not local so I hang out with others who are coaches with Beachbody.  Do they have a personal gain in helping me reach my goals? No!  They don’t! They make no money if I am successful!  But do they still want me to be successful?  Yes! You know why? Because we are all trying to end obesity and help others get healthy!
I know there are those people who feel that Beachbody is all about the income.  All about the money.  I know some people get involved as a Coach simply because of the money but after working with the business and seeing the change in others lives they are able to help make happen they start to change their thinking.  You can’t be successful in this business if you don’t care about helping people get healthy.  You really can’t.  How can you support a company and grow a business if you don’t support the founding principals of this company?  I guess that is the reason I am so excited about being a Team Beachbody coach.  I have been around this company since late 2002/early 2003.  I’ve seen the growing pains, I’ve seen them become the business they are today and it’s exciting to watch.
I am just ecstatic to see what 2011 holds.  I’m excited to talk to those who what to make a change and who want to build their own Team Beachbody business.
2011 is going to be a fun year. Yup. 🙂


This is a great article I received this morning in my Team Beachbody Newsletter so I thought I’d share.

By Karen Tonnis

At some point in your hooked-in, hard-core Beachbody® experience, or even if you’re just getting started, this thought may cross your mind: Wish I could get results even faster.
Tape Measure, Pear, and a Dumbbell

Well, now you can. Here’s a list of dynamic foods that bring a lot to the table. Not only do they fit within a healthy nutrition plan, they’re capable of sending your lazy taste buds a nice wake-up call.
  1. Tomatoes. Make the lowly tomato your best friend and you could potentially up your chances of staying healthy and recovering faster. They’re loaded with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytonutrients. And because they’re particularly rich in vitamin C and carotenoids, they may boost heart health, fight oxidative stress, protect against a variety of cancers, and combat inflammation. Tomatoes also contain potassium, an electrolyte that helps maintain fluid balance.
  2. FishFish. A powerhouse of lean protein, fish lets you load up without blowing your calorie budget. The very leanest choices include white-fleshed fish like flounder or tilapia, as well as most shellfish, including lobster. Even dark-fleshed fish like tuna and salmon are considered lean, and the fat they provide (in the form of fish oil) can help regulate hormones and metabolism and reduce inflammation. 

    Of course, all this muscle-building power won’t show up as a six-pack if you’re not careful about how the fish is prepared. Watch out for calorie bombs like deli tuna salad and deep-fried fish or calamari.
  3. Açai berry. What look like ordinary small, purple berries are actually one of the best superfoods in the world. Açai berries contain one of the highest concentration of antioxidants of any known food, along with fiber, iron, amino acids, and healthy omega fatty acids. Add them to your diet in the form of juice or pulp and you can expect a load of benefits, including increased energy, faster recovery rate, boosted immune system, stabilized blood sugar levels, and more.
  4. Dark green leafy vegetables. Breaking news: Popeye was right about eating spinach. Especially if you want to build muscle FAST. The antioxidants found in dark green vegetables help counteract the oxidative muscle damage that comes with heavy training or exercise. So vegetables like broccoli, collard greens, lettuce, kale, and our hero spinach should be high on your list.
  5. Blueberries. Mom could’ve said, “Eat your blueberries and you’ll grow up strong.” This miniature superfruit is chock-full of nutrients and antioxidants. So if you’re involved in strenuous activity, a daily cup or two of blueberries can help reduce cell damage. They also promote healthy blood pressure and contain complex carbs and fiber to help sustain energy and keep you in the game.
  6. EggsEggs. When you’re trying to add muscle, protein is as important as any dumbbell or training buddy. Most important, you want increased “clean calories” from whole, natural, unprocessed foods—like eggs. Eggs are one of the most perfect proteins for growing lean muscle. By incorporating egg whites into your diet (with a small amount of egg yolk), you can get a high amount of protein for a relatively low number of calories. Six egg whites will give you 99 calories and 21 grams of protein. Now that’s a deal.
  7. Green tea. If you’re working out regularly, giving your body a constant supply of antioxidants can promote quicker recovery on a cellular level. And drinking green tea is a good way to vary your antioxidant intake. On top of its antioxidant properties, green tea can help protect the cardiovascular system and increase metabolic rate (which supports weight control), and may provide some anticancer and blood pressure–reducing benefits.
Add these 7 foods to your oxidant-fighting arsenal.
Go ahead and rev up your engine with these heavy hitters for quicker results. But don’t neglect your regular exercise program and healthy eating plan. Those are the real key. Start with a sound regimen, then add these seven for extra kick.

>A really good friend of mine forwarded me a great article about “healthy” fast food.  I just felt a shiver putting those words in the same sentence.  It got me thinking again about what we as a group know about healthy eating.  When we see the chicken wraps at McDonalds and notice it’s “all white meat” “low in calories” do we automatically assume it’s healthy?  I think for a majority of American’s yes we would.  I have even had to stop myself and think about it.

Here is the article I read that I agree whole heartedly with: Tom Venuto – The Double Edged Sword

Now we have Jamie Oliver telling us the same thing.  Eat whole foods.  Prepare your own meals.  Look at the ingredients!  If you can’t pronounce it and you don’t know what it is, WHY would you put it into your body?

This is a struggle I’m constantly having to work through.  See, I love food.  I love to cook food.  I love to read about food.  I love to order food.  Food is WONDERFUL.  Food is also fuel…Ok, now that just put the breaks on.  The first time I came to the realization that food wasn’t here just to make me happy and satisfy my senses I was taken aback.  I had never ever in all my life thought of the notion of food being fuel.  Sure, I remember my mom making me stay at the dinner table until I ate my green beans. (It was a phase, I grew out of it) and as a parent I’ve told my kids they need to eat healthy foods to grow big and strong.

I guess when it came to my children I had realized that they needed the healthy food to grow.  But as an adult I had complete and total reign over what I was to eat.  I was no longer growing therefore, why would I need to have 5 servings of veggies and all the rest?  Then I realized that when my baby was 5 I was still fat.  I still looked pregnant.  I even had someone ask me when I was due.  I knew I had to do something about it but still I stubbornly held on to my limiting beliefs.  I would cut calories, drink diet drinks, slimfast, and the like.  I would lose maybe 10lbs and then put it right back on.  I purchased Richard Simon’s Dance Your Pants Off! Yes, I still own it too.  But I didn’t dance my pants off.  It didn’t work because I was missing the key ingredient in weight management.  Food.  Food = Fuel.  You get out what you put in.  Wow, what a concept.

Then in the winter of 2002 I saw this ad for a program called Power 90.  30 minutes a day?  I could do that.  I went online and looked it up.  I saw all these other people doing all these other Beachbody programs and doing well!  It had a nutritional component.  That is when I realized that this was for real.  I finally took the plunge and in February of 2003 I ordered Power 90.  I started in March.

The program came and I got to work taking my measurements and recording everything.  I looked at this folder that talked about food.  There was a chart of foods, they called it Michi’s Ladder. I knew I needed to cut calories to lose weight but to think of my food as fuel?  This chart made eating healthy easier than I ever thought possible.  Food was put into categories.  I knew which cuts of beef were better than others, which veggies where better for me.  I realized that when I started eating healthy whole foods I started feeling better.  I stopped getting sick as often. I had more energy for my workouts!  Now I was just a babe in this area.  I needed the simplest way to eat healthy and Michi’s Ladder worked for me. Now I just eat up everything I can find on nutrition.  I don’t aways practice it.  But I study it.  I am constantly working on putting my knowledge into practice.  It’s hard.  I’ll admit it.  I lost almost 40lbs back in 2003.  I kept it off until 2006 when I had two surgeries and a car accident.  Now I’m working on getting back into shape again.

I have the knowledge.  Now I just am working on putting it to practice.  I have many friends who are helping me along my way!  They are amazing and are my rocks!  This is another thing that is important to becoming a healthier you! Having support.

I think I will save that for yet another long rambling post.  Because I love my friends, they deserve their own page!