>Dusting Off Workouts Past…

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

>This week in our Fit Club we took a tour down memory lane.  At least for me it was a tour.  For my Fit Club it was pure simple unadulterated torture.

Once upon a time, many moons ago (2003) I did a little program called Power 90.  This program was perfect for me at the time as I was pretty overweight, lacked muscle and was dealing with neck and back issues.  After my 90 days of this I was interested in moving on.  No offence Tony, but listening to the same corny jokes for 90 days will cause a lady to go a little insane.  I moved to Slim in 6.  Now Debbie is sweet.  She smiles and does this cute little laugh when she knows she is killing you.  Sweet and Evil at the same time.  SWEVIL.  That is her. After this wonderful Si6 journey I decided that her Slim Series was just the ticket.  I bought and did that.  You know we named her the squat Nazi at that time.  Not very PC I know but she was once again SWEVIL.

I must have totally forgotten about this aspect of her personality.  I totally blocked out the fact that she pushes you for almost an hour straight without breaks.  I totally forgot that the lower body workout was a total assault on your lower body, take no prisoners, type of assault.  I told our Fit Club ladies to come prepared to work our lower body in with the Slim Series Firm it Up!

This workout is very low impact and easily modifiable.  The kicker is the fact that we would work the same muscle group to complete fatigue.  Within 30 minutes of starting this low impact workout I had sweat dripping down the center of my back!  I was shocked at how much it made me work.  I’ve been doing ChaLEAN Extreme for the last two weeks, surely this workout would not be too hard.

I was humbled by Debbie Siebers.  I had to stop on several occasions, stretch it out for a beat or two and then start back up.  When you are taxing the same muscle group over and over again, even if it is a large group and will recover quickly, it gets to you!  Needless to say we had an amazing workout last night.  I am very proud of my ladies for sticking it out and doing what they could.  That is what this fitness journey is all about.  Increasing stamina, strength and health a little at a time.  Oh, and thanks to Debbie and her SWEVIL ways my thighs are already screaming at me this morning.  I can’t wait to see what my rear is going to feel like by the end of the day when I will be doing Burn Circuit 3 with Chalene! Go easy on me will ya? Oh, wait.  There is no easy!  We push ourselves to get our best results possible.  Tonight will be a blast!

Anyone want to join me in Wowy around 7pm PST? 😉


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