>Burn Intervals and Ab Burner

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

>Today was Burn Intervals for ChaLEAN Extreme along with Ab Burner.  I have not got to the ab burner yet. It’s a 10 minute ab workout and I am very excited to do it but had to stop after the Burn Intervals.  This is one tough workout to do first thing in the morning without any fuel in your system.

I was sweating so much by the end it was rolling down my back.  This was a really hard one to do without the assistance of a chair with my right ankle.  I did stay up the whole time but had to use assistance in standing on the right leg by holding onto the back of a chair to keep me more stable.  That is the biggest issue now.  I can’t jump on it or go side to side fast.  Everything needs to be very stable and no wobbling.

Even without jumping during the intense intervals I got my heart rate up and sweated like crazy!  It felt good.  I just finished drinking my Shakeology mixed with a little OJ, water and ice in my sweet shaker cup!  I’m feeling much better now and will be ready to tackle the abs soon! YES!

Thanks to everyone who is so supportive!  This hasn’t been the easiest for me, trying to focus on my strengths and not my injury, but with the great friends and amazing support I have I feel that I can do anything!

You ALL ROCK! And you know who you are! MUAH!


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