>Totally neglecting my blog!

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

>I feel that I have not been very nice to my blog of late.  Sorry blog! I’ve posted a few stories but I mostly just repost great articles I borrow from Beachbody or great videos I again borrow from Beachbody!  The point is, one of my goals for 2011 was to give more of myself to my blog.  To let people get to know me through this wonderful medium.

I have found that easier said than done.  Who wants to open themselves up to a bunch of strangers?  And really, is anyone reading?  Most of the comments I get are spam trying to sell.  So then I ask myself if I want to give of myself if it won’t serve any purpose?

If only one person reads and feels a connection then I guess I have served my purpose.  After all, the first and foremost reason I became a coach for Beachbody was to reach out to those people who felt there was no hope because that was me back in 2003.  My kids were still fairly young and so was I.  I was overweight and tried so many diets I can’t even remember half of them.  Most didn’t last long because let’s face it, they were either horrible tasting or they just didn’t fill me up and I couldn’t maintain that kind of lifestyle.  It took me a while to realize what needed to change was my whole thought.  Diet wasn’t a bad word.  Diet is just what we eat.  In that sense everyone is on some kind of diet right?  I just needed to tweak mine and add more healthy foods and exercise.

So I did.  I started walking every morning and eating better, feeding my family better.  Tell you what.  Just doing something for myself felt so empowering!  And when I saw this infomercial for Power 90 I thought there is no way, it was too good to be true.  I’ve tried exercise videos, Billy Banks, Richard Simmons, Kathy Ireland even had one I bought. 🙂 I went online and checked out the website, read what people were saying on the boards and bit the bullet and bought it.

It was the first of it’s kind.  A 90 day in home boot camp.  Tony is YOUNG in this video.  Don’t tell him I said that! 😉 And he was green too.  He hadn’t done many videos yet. lol.  But I got to know all his jokes and I even talked back to him.  I hope no one was ever listening on the other side of the garage door!

After all was said and done I was a new person with a new lease on life.  I keep that lease going for two years and then I let it go after having some set backs I was’t prepared to deal with.  Life tends to hand you things.  And they sometimes come in threes.  Mine did spaced six months apart.  Two surgeries and a car accident.  I gave up.  I stopped focusing on what I could still do and the great strength I still had and I gave in to despair  Despair is never a good thing.  It distorts your thinking! Within a few short months I had undid all my hard work.  Something I swore to myself I’d never let happen! Sound familiar?  I thought I was alone but after talking with so many wonderful people I realized I wasn’t.  It can happen to the best of us.

The important thing was I had a good friend who wouldn’t give up on me.  I love friends like that!  You see, in the years that I had let myself just get fat and lazy again Beachbody, the wonderful company who had given me my life back in 2003 was undergoing an amazing change.  They were letting the people who had such amazing success with their products become “coaches” to help other people have the same amazing results and to help others reclaim their lives!  I went to a national convention to see how it worked.  I signed within a week I think.  And I haven’t looked back sense.  I was skeptical at first. Why would anyone take coaching advise from a fat lady?  Then I realized I had a story.  And people could relate to my story because there are a lot of us who have very similar stories!

I’m now dealing with another set back.  But this time it is with a different thought process.  I’m not saying I don’t have my down days.  Sometimes I feel like I’m a little bipolar! But I have more up than downs and I am focusing on my strengths and not my weaknesses.  I am still doing my fit club with my ladies (from a chair) I am working my upper body like crazy and my abs too.  Even my rear end is feeling some soreness from squeezing during my chair workouts.

This set back has also helped me appreciate all those wonderful people in my life who care about me.  Those who are there to help without me even asking.  Giving me positive reinforcement.  Letting me know I’m loved and cared for.  What an amazing feeling.

So, I’ll end my ramblings with a big THANK YOU! to my friends and family who are always there for me and whom I love so much!

And blog, I’ll try and be more personal with you in the future.  Will I still post great articles from Beachbody? You bet! Videos? Yup that too.  But I will toss in a random rambling too! Just so you know I love ya!


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