>It happens in the blink of an eye…

Posted: December 29, 2010 in Family

>One day you are young, you have small children running around and you feel like you will never leave this time in your life.  Then the next thing you know your baby is turning 17.  Your oldest is old enough to drink and your middle daughter gets a ring from her boyfriend for Christmas….

Yes, I’m that old. lol.  Today my baby is 17 years old.  He is my only boy and my love.  Up until just a couple years ago he’d even come sit on my lap and watch tv…he sometimes still does it if I’m in his chair but only because he know’s he is 7 inches taller than me and that bony butt hurts!!!

PJ way back when…
PJ Now

It is so amazing to see your children grow to become young adults.  I am so thankful that they are all still at home too.  Going to college, working or not.  I understand the need to work and make money, but I also understand the need to focus on school so I can go either way with having a job and going to school.  It’s tough though.

But what is really tough is seeing this…seeing them grow and know that they are going to leave.


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