>Trying it one more time…

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

>Last nights Employee Fit Club was a bust. 😦 My laptop (which had been worked on by tech support) no longer had the software to run my videos!  Talk about feeling so small! Why hadn’t I checked the laptop the day of?  I had checked it out a few weeks prior to make sure all was good and it was.  I neglected to check it after my tech support had gotten a hold of it. I had a full class too!  All but one person was there! Wow.

So we are going to try it tonight.  I brought my laptop from home.  So far only 4 of the participants can attend tonight.  It was last minute after all and they had planned for last night. But reaching out to four people is just as important to me as reaching out to 100.  It’s all about getting out the message of health and fitness.  This country is obese and I don’t see it getting any better.  I know people who have given up on their health.  They feel that they can’t do anything.  They have tried every diet known to man.  The problem is our diet.  I can’t stress enough to people how much overly processed food they are eating every day!  “Yeah, but I’m drinking …Diet shake! I am taking in less calories…I am starving my body and nothing is working.”  I have news for you, even when you are not dieting you are STARVING your body!  All the processed foods really does not give us the nutrients our bodies need.  We should be eating whole foods.  Lots of real fruits and veggies, not drinks, not processed, sweetened beverages.  The actual apple, orange or carrot!  Eat more fresh foods!  Eat whole grains, brown rice is awesome and will keep you satisfied for hours!

I went on a little rant, sorry.  I just feel that we could be doing so much better as a nation!  We have so many foods available to us but we turn our backs on them.  Farmers markets are everywhere now! Even in the winter months you can find local foods.  Granted, I live in Oregon and I live in a suburb.  I know that in the larger cities this is harder to do, but I know people who are doing it.  It takes a little time and a little effort but it’s so worth it.  Your body will respond to the right foods!  You will be amazed at the energy level you have.  You won’t feel like you need a nap after consuming your lunch, you will feel satisfied and ready to go!

I am really digging this movement to buy locally, stimulate the local economy and at the same time save our planet.  Protect our ecosystem!

I went off a little about food, but it is really important.  Just as important as exercise.  We need to move our bodies.  We were meant to move.  You ever notice the less you move the more tired you are?  I really realized that not to long ago.  My day job is in front of a computer all day.  On those occasions where I am out in the field, working with people and moving around I have more energy!  By the end of the day I am still jacked!  I would have thought I’d have been dragging by the end of the day because I was doing so much, but it had the opposite affect on me!  So we need to keep moving!  We need to keep playing!

I have a good friend who doesn’t exercise, she plays.  She will e-mail that she is getting ready to go and play. That means she is going to pop in one of the many Beachbody workouts she has into her DVD Player and move and grove!  How fun is that?  I love it!

So next time you are getting ready for your workout, just think of it as playtime and go have fun!


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