>Fed up with weight loss ads!

Posted: March 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

>I don’t know about you, but I am seriously fed up with all the weight loss ads. The ones on the side of the web pages? You know what I’m talking about! I’m online right now on the Women’s Health web page. Here are just a few, “Want flat abs and $500?”, don’t we all? If it worked then you’d be out of business! “Get Better Results Cheaper! Click HERE!” Umm, no thanks. And then I decide to sign up for twitter. I picked a bunch of health tweets to follow and the next thing I know I’m being followed by all sorts of people who want me to buy their miracle cure! Wow.

We do need a cure. But it isn’t a miracle. It’s all about eating whole food, healthy foods, foods as they were intended for us to eat. I am against the low fat, no fat movement. I don’t want the chemicals they put in that replaces the fat. Instead I look for whole options. Now that isn’t to say I drink whole milk, I drink non-fat. But I don’t drink the non-fat version that “looks and tastes like whole milk”. That just grosses me out! I eat full fat cheese. Just less of it. I use real butter, just less of it. Whole grains, whole breads without HFCS in them. It’s little things. But I feel better when I do them.
Those mixes, boxes of pre-made foods, sugars and salts are killing us. We don’t see it because it’s been happening slowly. With the invention of the first frozen dinner we have been slowly killing ourselves. Now science is proving that high fat foods are actually addicting. Really? Seriously, we’ve known this for a long time. On a personal level we’ve known this. I used to love fatty hamburgers and french fries. YUM right? I stopped eating them. I decided my body didn’t need that, and in reality it doesn’t. But when I do have the occasional burger I realize how heavy it sits in my stomach. How lethargic I get afterwards. How did I eat that stuff all the time? I”m not sure. All I know now is that the grogginess and the haze has gone away. It really is like getting clean from a drug. You feel so much better. You have so much more energy when you eat “real” food.
Another thing I’ve been thinking about lately is how much energy I seem to spend thinking about my next meal. What am I going to eat? Is it going to meet my caloric needs? Will I bonk by the end of the day? So much to think about.
I think that if I were to create my food list ahead of time. Make a few cups of brown rice at once and put it in baggies for the week. How much easier? I’ll explore and think about this a little more and get back to you. πŸ™‚
  1. M. Force says:

    >Really these ads have made a huge mess in our life. The more we search, the more we tend to get confused.

  2. leannwoo says:

    >True Dat M.Force. I'm just glad I am educated enough to not get caught up in them! Even though sometimes they seem like the PERFECT solution! I keep my head and know that there is no such thing and everyone is different. I choose to work on being fit and healthy instead of skinny or thin. πŸ™‚

  3. L . Wiw says:

    >There should be one unified ad system where all similar quality products should be present in one cart. here various quality of products are present in the cart which is highly unfair.

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