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I discovered Beachbody in December of 2002. I went online and joined the online community prior to purchasing any program. After talking with people online and seeing the wonderful support that was offered I purchased my first program. Power 90. I started on February 3, 2003.

Now Tony Horton is a total goofball. He made the workouts fun. And the fact that the workouts were only about 35 minutes long. You can do anything for 35 minutes right? OYE. lol. When I first started it was hard. I was fat and out of shape. But I was determined to do something for myself for a change. You see, I got married young, had three children before I was 25. So my body had taken a beating. I hadn’t lost weight prior to getting pregnant again. I was focusing so much on raising my three small children that I was totally neglecting myself. So for 35 minutes every night I shut out my family, went into my garage and pressed play on my VCR. Yes, I had it was that long ago. lol.

After a couple weeks I noticed it was getting easier to do some of the moves. Don’t get me wrong, I was still modifying plenty. I still wasn’t doing a regular jumping jack or a regular push up. Everything was modified. I loved that though. I could modify the moves and keep moving. It felt good to be given the ok to modify. I knew I was doing something good for my body.

After 30 days I posted pictures of myself to this wonderful online community. I was a little down because I had expected HUGE changes. I was feeling like I had accomplished something amazing! Why didn’t the pictures show that? It turns out that we are our own worst critic. I had great encouragement from everyone who posted. They pointed out the small things I didn’t see. Like the shape of my arm or the fact that one of my chins had gone away! πŸ™‚ I felt rejuvenated. I continued on my journey.

I got to day 45 in my 90 day Power 90 journey. I hit a wall. Why wasn’t I losing weight like everyone else? (Why do we compare ourselves to others?) Now that should have been the question I was asking. But no, I was comparing. Then in the next 10 days I lost almost three inches off my waist. Imagine my surprise! I was pumped. πŸ™‚

I again, shared my 60 day photos and was amazed at the response. By now I should not have been amazed but it was so new to me. To be supported by strangers. To be encouraged to stay on my journey by complete strangers. Actually, there were a few that become really close friends. They were no longer strangers. True, I had never met them in “real life”, but we shared a lot together. You can’t underestimate that kind of friendship.

Back to my story. I can remember people asking me what I was doing. I proudly told them Power 90! They looked at me strange because that was an infomercial. What? Does that really work? You bet it does! All you have to do is “press play”! Do the work. I kept going. I remember thinking that I didn’t want to miss a single day. I was going to do the whole 90 days, 6 days a week and not miss a single day! Yeah. right. Life happens. You get sick, your kids get sick, even your dog gets sick. You lose your inspiration. What ever the reason, most people I find will get off track. Luckily for me I was determined. I missed a day here or there. Some workouts were done at 70% because I wasn’t feeling well. But I stayed with it. Just because you miss a day or two or you get sick does not mean you need to start over. That is a very important lesson I learned from my new online community of friends. Don’t start over “tomorrow” or “next week”. We all do that don’t we? We miss a workout or have a HUGE dinner and say, there goes my diet, or there goes my workout. And then we start making excuses. I can’t start again until Monday because my day off is Sunday. Why can’t you start now? You can still take Sunday as your day off…you don’t have to do six straight days before your day off…it just doesn’t make sense. Yet we do it. We make excuses.

Ok, I’m rambling. Back to my adventure. It was an adventure. One that changed my life.

I can remember doing my day 90 workout with Tony. I was in tears by the end. Half with relief because I had accomplished something that I thought was pretty amazing. Half with sadness because I didn’t know what came next. This is only a 90 day program after all. Or is it?

I began to realize that this was 90 days for a reason. 90 days to help us wrap our heads around the idea of eating healthy and working out. 90 days to get us hooked on the feeling of being fit. 90 days is nothing. You can do anything for 90 days right? But after that 90 days you don’t want to stop. You may be really of tired of listening to Tony’s jokes…but there are many more workouts, heck there are many more things you can do just outside your door! You become an active person! You engage with those around you. You realize that those 90 days have completely changed your life, and you’ve never been happier!

I thank Beachbody every day for giving me the courage to step away from my old self and embrace the new me.

If you are interested in making this change contact me! Or go to my website Coach LeAnn to find out more about Beachbody! They have grown since 2003! It is amazing to see what is offered now! There is something for everyone!

Day 1 Weight, 172
Day 30 Weight, 165
Day 60 Weight, 162
Day 90 Weight, 160
Day 130 Weight, 155
I lost 17 lbs
Chest (upper)
Chest (lower)
Waist line
Waist (under belly button) Largest part!
Right Arm
Left Arm
Right Thigh
Left Thigh
Total Loss
17 lbs & 37.5 inches!


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