Posted: September 20, 2007 in Uncategorized


I’m seriously pissed off about getting as big and fat as I have in the past 18 months. How does a person gain 40lbs??? I need to do my clothes shopping at the oompa loompa store. Sadly, there are none around. 😦

So, I am serous about my weight right now. I have signed up for an online weight loss help through SELF magazine. I’m doing the walk program because I really just want to start slow and not hurt my Achillies again. I’m excited too. I have eaten really well today consuming only around 750 calories so far, so that leaves me with 450 left for dinner. NICE.

I will be walking the track during my son’s football practice for 35 minutes doing lunges inbetween laps. I’ll look like a freak, but I don’t care. πŸ™‚

Next week I’m going to try and get my TV fixed so I can start doing some of my home workouts. I have a lot of great workouts that I loved doing when I was 40lbs lighter. I know I will love them again! Turbo Jam, Power 90, P90X, Power Half Hour, Fast 10 (not one of my favorites, but a nice quick workout) Slim in 6 (again, not a favorite, can you say boooooring) Slim Series and my newest Turbo Jam Ball workouts. I have yet to do any of those or the Third set of Turbo Jam. Some are still in the wrappers. I guess I am a workout collector. lol. But I really do love the Beachbody products so I am excited to get back to them. I really want to do the Power 90 again as that was the one I had the most success with, but all I have are the old VHS’s and my TV has a built in VHS and DVD player…the reason I can’t use it right now is that there is a VHS stuck in the slot that won’t eject. (my P0wer 90!) and I can’t get it out. The TV shuts its self down when it can’t eject the video. So I turn on the TV and quickly try to get it to pop out before it shuts itself off again! I think I’m going to have to take it into a repair shop! GRRRR!

  1. Kristol says:

    >I’m behind you 100% LeAnn!! You can do this! We can do this!! I’ve gained and gained and gained the past few years and I’ve had ENOUGH! GO LEANN GO!!!I feel ya on the running for the kids. I have a Junior and Senior this year too!! Busy busy!

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