Posted: April 26, 2007 in Uncategorized


Thirteen Reasons to Pull My Hair Out…

1. Event Planning out of CONTROL! Between Dancers, Food, Translation Services, Food, Presenters, Food, & Interpretation Services…did I mention food? I’m about ready to smack my boss!
2. Candy EVERYWHERE! Yesterday was Administrative Professionals Day and there is still candy everywhere. I’m sick of chocolate, but super stressed so I eat it anyway!
3. TMJ that won’t let up! Since I am super stressed I think I am putting more stress on my jaw right now. The pain is nearly unbearable. Medicine isn’t touching it.
4. Dirty Dishes in my sink. OYE VEH! I have three teenagers. You’d think they could do the dishes instead of dirtying them constantly! But NO! Of course not!
5. Meetings. I have an all day training tomorrow, a marketing meeting Monday and my Connecting with Hispanic Families workshop on Tuesday. I have blocked the rest of the week out because really, I don’t want to know.
6. I.S. That is our Computer People. These Web Design People are driving me nuts! You’d think they know everything! Just kidding MMcB! J Really…
7. Dinner. Really is there anything to add? I have to think of something to cook tonight and I’m at a loss.
8. The growth they took out of my knuckle last year is back. I have to go to the surgeon next week and have it looked at. Sigh.
9. I have to train a new employee on the database we use. Fun stuff data bases.
10. My boss keeps asking me if I am busy. “Ummm, yeah, I am. But what do you need. Your wish is my command. I am here but to serve you.” Seriously. That is exactly what I said to him and he smiled his smile that makes it all better! Dang I hate it when guys can do that!
11. Office politics. I’m not going into any details on that one. Government office politics. Enough said.
12. 30+ lbs I need to lose.

And Last but not least…
13. My baby (he’s 13, but he’s my baby) is now shaving and has…I almost can’t say it…pubic hair. OMG. I’m crushed. I’m traumatized. I can’t get past this. UGH.

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