>Could it be any easier??

Posted: October 31, 2006 in Uncategorized

>Seriously. Losing three pounds in a week and the only change was my self talk. Can it be just that? Can it really be that a lot of our problems come from our own self image? It just blows me away.

All last week I told myself that I was healthy, confident, & lean! No matter what I did my body was a fat burning machine! I can’t seem to keep up with my metabolism! It is just burning everything I eat and all my fat stores. The fat is just melting off of me! On top of that I have so much energy! I can’t believe it! I no longer want to climb in bed for an afternoon nap! I want to dance and twirl in circles! I want to move and live and just have fun! All because of what I am saying to myself.

I read somewhere that 90% of the things we say to ourselves are negative and self defeating. How sad is that? Why can’t most of us turn this around? Why do we continue to talk bad about ourselves to ourselves when we know how bad it is? Or do we? Do we realize what we are doing to ourselves? The negative energy just brings us down. Makes us tired. Keeps us from attaining our goals.

Not me. I’m done with the negative self talk. I have done that for the last 37 years of my life. No more. I’m not a victim. Why would I want to act like one? I am alive and happy. I am enjoying life. I am loving life! My body is going to change with my new found attitude. It’s great!

Yeah, I know. We all hate those bubbly cheerleader types. Where do they get off having so much energy and telling me that I can too. What ever. Bite me. 🙂 That is true. I hated them too, only because they showed me what I didn’t have, what I felt like I could never have because I wasn’t born with their perfect little body. I’ve come to find out that a lot of those perfect little bodies are not genetic. They have worked hard for what they have. That is why they are so happy. That is why they want us to be happy too. Will you allow yourself to be happy?

  1. KellyC_bb says:

    >A lot of people don’t realize that there is a difference between positive thinking, and positive thinking PLUS action.You are acting on eating better, not just thinking about it and wishing it would magically happen.You are acting on working out (how’s the eye???), not just sitting in a chair hoping someone will come and put the DVD in, and then do the workout for you.Positive thinking PLUS action is a wonderful combination, and the positive thinking part makes the action part easier to achieve.Awesome, dude.

  2. KellyC_bb says:

    >Waiting patiently.

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