>The Bird Whisperer…

Posted: October 12, 2006 in Uncategorized

> This is what Beaker, my bird, looks like. Here’s my story…

So I came home from work Tuesday night to realize that my beloved bird Beaker is not in his cage. After looking through the entire house I can’t find him. He has escaped. I found in in the neighbors tree about 70ft in the air. O…M…G! How did he get up there? He is NOT a good flier. He can fly for about 10 ft and then has to land. I spend the next 2 hours TRYING to coax him out of the tree. My husband feels bad. He can’t help, Beaker hates him. Actually, Beaker hates everyone but me. So the neighbors must have been getting really tired of hearing me talk to my dang bird who is stuck up in a tree he has no idea how to get out of.He spots me down by my fence and starts to crawl down the branch to the next branch and so on. He makes his way to the next tree and is about 40ft away from me. He can’t go any further by crawling. He just keeps talking to me. I am crying at this time. It’s about 7pm and I can hardly see him anymore cause it is so dark. I know he isn’t going to come. I have lost my bird who would have most likely outlived me.I think at that time Beaker realized how serious the situation was because he flew. He actually flew about 40 ft to the tree right above me. He landed about 10ft out of my reach. I started talking to him, telling him how good he was and he kept trying to get closer to me. He finally tried to fly to me but landed in the neighbors yard. Thank goodness their two vicious dogs were locked up in the garage. I climbed over a 6ft fence and picked him up. I put him into his cage which I had proped on the top of the fence. Then I managed to climb back over the fence and bring him home. I know…All this for a stinking bird??? What can I say, I’m insane.So now I have this huge bruise across my stomach from climbing over the fence, and a huge scrape going up my leg from landing on a miniature picket fence they had in their back yard. But I have my bird back. And he is very happy to be home.He even let my daughter pet his beak. That says something.

  1. KellyC_bb says:

    >Mayhaps after I get back from the dentist.I have to get a filling replaced, and the tooth is cracked, and I’ve put it off already, as I am afraid of what it’s going to do to my jaw.Here’s hoping it doesn’t totally screw me up.

  2. web says:

    >Welcome Back Beaker.

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