>New year, new me…

Posted: July 3, 2006 in Uncategorized

How many of us have said that before? I know I have. I’m not really focusing on that this year. I am going to change my way of thinking. I don’t want to be a “new me”. I want to be a healthier me. An improved me. And the way I plan on doing that is with baby steps.

Eat a little less, work out a little more. Enjoy my fruits and veggies a little more, pasta a little less. It’s balance is it not? I’m not going to stress and freak out about my stomach or my eating or my exercising. But I am promising myself that I am going to start looking out for myself. Some one asked me the other day when I was going to upgrade my cell phone. Little thing I know. I just got my daughter a new one and my husband a new one last month. I said that I would think about myself after everyone else had been taken care of. Hmmmm. Will I ever think about myself then? No. I wont.

So I have promised myself that I will do something for myself for a change. Be a little selfish. But in the end we all win. I will be happier, this will make the kids happier, and hubby happier. I don’t know why I have had so many issues with this in the past. I have always been very supportive of my husband and anything he has wanted to do with his life. My thought is that if he is happy with his job, then I will be happy because I won’t have a husband wishing he was doing something else. But I have never put that same philosophy to myself. Sometimes mom’s get so crazy. We stress about making sure our family has everything they need. Denying ourselves some basic needs. I don’t know why we try to be supermom but we do.

So this is the year of the older but wiser me. šŸ™‚

  1. KellyC_bb says:

    >You don’t have to be a mom to support what your husband wants, and feel guilty when you do/spend money on something YOU want. I’ve been that way for 20 years.And yes, we do need to do some things for ourselves, so we’re better for everyone around us.Even going to camp isn’t just for myself, ’cause B is coming too! This is a good thing, not a complaint :0)

  2. leannwoo says:

    >Yeah, I thought about that after I wrote it. I know plenty of women who aren’t moms but still give of themselves to everyone else around them and don’t think twice about never doing anything for themself!I am so close to going to the camp. I can taste it! It is sweet. I will be pitching my plan to my husband when he comes home this weekend. šŸ™‚ I hope he is receptive to my evil plot!

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