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>So, today is the day that I was born 37 years ago. I don’t celebrate birthdays due to my religious beliefs, but I got a great e-mail from a good friend that reminded me that even though I don’t “celebrate” my birthday, it is a good time to stop and reflect. I have made a difference in the lives of those who I love and love me, of those I have given birth to and of those that have helped me understand myself and the world around me.

And I’m also happy to say that I’m a “good egg”. šŸ™‚ Thanks Nina.

Here is the e-mail I got, it made me cry and I just wanted to share.

Today you should look at your children, your flowers, the things that are here because of your nurturing and your care and your love and your BEING and you should smile and be happy.

You should delight in this everyday but TODAY you know that all the things that were created through you are a delightful gift you’ve been to the universe.

  1. KellyC_bb says:

    >I’m clueless: which religion doesn’t celebrate birthdays, and does this mean just you, or your husband and kids as well?(Serious question, I have no idea.)I don’t celebrate them really, either, but it has nothing to do with beliefs . . . more like I don’t care to be the center of attention for something like that.

  2. leannwoo says:

    >I’m one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. We don’t celebrate birthdays or holidays.My husband is not a Witness, so he celebrates along with his family. My children go to meetings with me and partake in my husbands celebrations. When they are old enough they can make that decision themselves. Two of them are old enough to decide but haven’t yet. That kind of tells me they don’t want to give up the holidays, so they don’t fully agree with my beliefs. When they are adults they will make that choice.

  3. KellyC_bb says:

    >Cool, I like the way you’re doing that with the kids.And yes, I suppose if I think back, I doubt I would have wanted to give up all the hoopla and presents and parties as a young person.

  4. leannwoo says:

    >Yeah, my kids like the hoopla. I didn’t. Couldn’t wait to stop having to pretend to enjoy the gatherings.I like nice gatherings. Laughing, talking, playing games. I didn’t like the formal dress up for grandma’s house gatherings. The adults sitting around talking and the kids sitting around listening. UGH! The gatherings I have at my house are chaotic to say the least, but fun! The kids are all over the place. Watching movies, playing video games, dancing in the other room, or swimming outside. The adults are either watching movies, swimming with the kids playing games or talking. Oh, they like to play basketball outside too. So it gets loud and fun. Nothing stuffy about coming over to my house. I hope I am one of those grandma’s the kuds WANT to go see.

  5. Neeeena says:

    >man, it is so easy to make you cry…

  6. AZTLGRL says:


  7. AZTLGRL says:

    >Does that make me an a-hole for wishing you that?

  8. leannwoo says:

    >OMG. NO! It also doesn’t make you an ahole for calling me a lazy ass! šŸ™‚ ;)You are sweet to wish me a happy b-day. I always look at the persons intentions. And if they are good then it’s all good. :)My mother-in-law just can’t let holidays go for me. The whole time she has known me she has known I don’t do holidays. She still has to get me “a little something” to show she cares. She is sweet, so I just thank her and know she does it with love in her heart. I can’t get mad at that!

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