>Where I’m From ~Woo~May 2006

Posted: May 8, 2006 in Uncategorized

>This was hard for me to put together. Because it makes you recall where you are from. From this I realize that I hold the happy memories very dear. They were few and sometimes far between, but that is what I would drift to while writing.

Where I’m From

I am from green trees, from lemonade and homemade strawberry jam.

I am from the green house at the bottom of three hills, the swimming pool full of laughter.

Am am from green grass, cool to the touch, the lilac bushes blowing their scent in the breeze.

I am from dancing and laughing during summer Barbeques, from Lucille and Irish ancestors unknown.

I am from the sand that squeezes between my toes and the waves that wash over the sand.

I am from disappointment that grows and quiet pleas unnoticed.

I am from Jehovah’s loving kindness and the sacrifice of His Son.

I am from the Great Northwest where the ocean meets the mountains.

From the Grandpa who would tickle us until we cried, and the cherry tree we would climb to escape! The mother who had 7 siblings she helped raise.

I am from innocence lost, summers gone by, the smell of the camp fire while sitting in the warm sand. Days filled with relaxation, days filled with anticipation, trepidation, fear.

Thanks to GreenTuna who posted her version…
Thanks to Bozoette, where I first saw this meme. The original template can be found here


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