>the Letter M.

Posted: May 5, 2006 in Uncategorized

>This weekend’s post is brought to you by the letter M. I stole this idea from http://www.mensch71.blogspot.com/who borrowed it from someone else.If you comment on this entry, I’ll give you a letter through the Comments section. Write five words beginning with that letter in your journal, including an explanation of what the word means to you and why, and then pass out letters to those who want to play along.

M is for…

Marriage-I have had the pleasure of being married for the last 18 years to a wonderful man. A man who has never been afraid to watch me to grow and change. Who has welcomed all my different personalities and hair styles. Who has loved me unconditionally. I think marriage is the most amazing institution. We have both grown and changed so much, but still find we have so much still in common. We love to talk, laugh, cuddle and dream. We love kids and both work towards making the world a better place for children. He works in a high school with the high risk kids, helping them turn their lives around. I work with local government to help create and keep programs going that help infants, toddlers, teens and families. It’s a great feeling knowing that what you are doing helps others.

Mission-so many people go through life without a mission, without a calling. I have always felt that mine was to have children and help them become great kids and wonderful adults. I have recently realized that my mission is bigger. It is to help other people learn to help their children become great kids and wonderful adults. I have also realized that there is a grander mission from God to preach his news to all the land. We were ordered to go forth and preach the good news, to bear witness. That is a wonderful mission to have.

Melody-live is about music. What is life without song? A quiet existence indeed. I love so many different kinds of music. From classical to opera to rock to country and jazz. I have helped my kids to appreciate all kinds of music. If you were to pick up my 14 or 16 year olds Ipods and listen you would find opera, classical, rock, pop, jazz and a mix of other things. I think you may even find a country song or two! Strange. I remember at that age music was a big part of my life. Then it went away for a while. Now I am starting to come back to it. Music soothes the savage beast, recharges the soul.

Macaroni-which I love to eat! I am the biggest pasta fan, but have learned to limit my portions and not over indulge! I also think of the macaroni my kids used to make necklaces for me when they were little. Or the macaroni pictures they used to make. Ahhh. I miss the younger days.

Moolasomething we all need in order to pay our bills. Money doesn’t motivate me. Money isn’t what it’s all about. Sure, I like to have a decent house. I like to drive a car that doesn’t break down. I like to be able to eat. But I don’t need to have money to feel successful. I know too many people who have worked their whole lives to be successful only to realize that it isn’t money that makes them successful. I have two very good friends who had tried for years to have a baby. When they realized they couldn’t do it the “regular” way they tried all other ways. When that failed they gave up and worked hard. They are both very “successful” adults. Anyone looking at them might think they have it all. Money, toys, vacations. What ever they want they can buy. My husband and I have always scraped by. Paycheck to paycheck. Sometimes not even that. It is strange when those people tell you that they look at our life style in awe. They realize that they don’t have what they want. Money isn’t going to fill the void that they have. They are now in the process of adopting a little girl from China. I’m so overwhelmed with emotion for them. Happiness that they are finally going to be the parents they have always wanted to be. Joy for what they are about to experience. Exhaustion just thinking about going back to the “baby” days. I can’t imagine having kids at my age. I had my two year old nephew for 9 days. It about killed me. I’m just now getting over it. 🙂


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