>Day two…

Posted: April 18, 2006 in Uncategorized

>I did TJ Sculpt last night. It ended up being a little later doing it than I wanted to. But I was very happy with my results. I did it as strong as I could and didn’t stop. I will move up to 5lb weights for the next one. The three pounders were easier than I thought they would. I only felt like I was going to exhaustion at one point. When we moved to the floor work I did up the weights. I can’t wait for the next one! I had forgotten all about this workout. For some reason in my mind I kept thinking TJ was all about cardio and it didn’t have weights. I was wrong. It may not have weights like P90, but it does have a good weighted workout. So that is cool.

My thighs are screaming at me today though. My arms feel pretty good as does my back and shoulders. I’m glad I’m not having any neck issues either. So all is good.

I did realize that my feet don’t like the Nike Shox. Which really makes me mad. I have done a few workouts with them and by the end my feet are screaming. I actually took them off half way through the workout and right away my feet stopped hurting. I’m giving them to my narrow footed daughter. Dang it!

Food was pretty good. I have been focusing on fueling my body and not feeding it. That takes all the stress off of “why can’t I eat this?” I know why. I’m not holding out on myself. I just want to give my body premium fuel. Not watered down fuel that will leave me coughing and sputtering half way up the hill! So that is my focus. It made it a lot easier to have that very small potato for lunch without any toppings. We had a catered lunch meeting and I didn’t do any of the fatty toppings for the baked potato but opted for a little salt and pepper along with some chives. A whole bunch of steamed veggies and a small side salad with very little dressing.

Life is good right now. Although I’m a little stressed. I have to get my house presentable by May 6th. When I have to host a TJ House Party. I have a list of about 25 local people I am going to invite along with a whole bunch of long distance peeps who I couldn’t leave out but know won’t be coming! They will be with me in spirit! 🙂

And thank you Robbie for reminding me to keep track of my journey. I am reading your Blog and I am not even up to day 90 and you are rocking it! Question though. Are you doing WW? You are adding points like WW and you have the same guide as WW. So I was just wondering how well it works with the workouts. I’ve tried WW before but didn’t like the fact that all they focused on was weight not strength. If I gained muscle it didn’t matter as long as I lost weight. So I stopped going. I loved the idea of points though. It helped me monitor my food intake.


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