Posted: March 2, 2006 in Uncategorized

>Last night was a test of my new found positive thinking. At about 4:30pm I started having some bad chest pain. By 6:30 I told my husband to take me to the hospital. They put me on oxygen right away, connected me to machines, did all sorts of test. I had my first EKG done. Painless, if you don’t count them tearing the tape off your chest. Good thing I didn’t have any hair. Sheesh! They decided that the coughing I have been doing pulled a muscle in my lung area. Really painful. It is radiating down my left arm and up into my neck. They gave me some pain meds which so far I have refused to take.

Well anyway, as I’m sitting in the hospital bed with things hooked up and beeping going on all around me I kept telling myself a few things. I actually added one to the list:


The strong part I added because I wasn’t feeling so strong. I was actually feeling very weak and dizzy. The oxygen helped that though. About 4 hours later they let me go home.

So I keep telling myself I am HEALTHY, I am FIT, I am STRONG!!! I know that it will be true. My body will respond because I am telling it too. The mind is a strong thing. Don’t underestimate it.

Last night made me realize how much I love my family. How wonderful my husband is, and how I am really not ready to be one of those people who are always sick. (is anyone every ready to be one of those people?) I am thankful for my life, for my health, for my family and for my God.

There is a lot out there to be thankful for. I’m ready to embrace that and enjoy it. Are you?

  1. Neeeena says:

    >leave it to you to pull a muscle that mimics a heart attack. yeesh!good to hear that you’re not dying and also good to hear that you don’t have a hairy chest. I’d have to start calling you Wookie. Get it? Woo kie. Woo-kie. ha.embracing the immense gifts we all have is a great thing. so many people don’t ever get around to doing that. ok drama queen – stop pulling lung muscles and start… squeezing your butt muscles at your desk. taller! shorter.. taller! shorter..:)

  2. leannwoo says:

    >Nina, I love ya! :)I had a dream about you and Tam last night…A foreshadowing of next week. :)BTW, in my dream you were beautiful before and after the makeover. :)I also had a dream that we sold our house and moved into the cutest house I’ve ever seen! Clean, manicured lawn. Beautiful fruit trees and painted walls! No white walls anywhere! I think my subconcious is talking to me. :)Drama queen???? Who you calling a drama queen? hehehehe!

  3. Dusk says:

    >So glad it was just a muscle that was pissed and not an organ!OMG, Nina cracks me up!

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