>I’m sick and tired…

Posted: December 19, 2005 in Uncategorized

>Dang, I used to hear my mom say that phrase all the time. Usually it was followed up with “of you kids not helping!” or “you two fighting all the time!” I’m sick and tired! Period. I have nothing to add. Horrible sinus infection (sick) and a husband who is working, going to school and coaching high school basketball so is never home. All housework is now my responsibility (tired). He helps as much as he can, but lets face it, he’s not home much and when he is he is exhausted. I miss him. A lot.

So I sit being pitiful. My computer is acting up and I have a crap load of work to do. Then when I get home tonight I have a crap load of laundry, dishes and general cleaning to do. I spent most of yesterday on the couch. My kids are on break so I can just imagine what my house is going to look like. I think it’s time to go crazy on them. They need to start helping out a little. Starting now. I’m tired of living in a mess. I’m not the bestest housekeeper in the world. That is why up until recently it’s been mostly Pat’s job. He did the cleaning and grocery shopping. I did the cooking and bathrooms. That was the deal. Now I’m trying to figure out why when I do laundry every fricken day does PJ not have clean socks? Charis’ pants are gone. Disappeared. What did you do with them mom? I put them right here in the laundry room yesterday! OYE VEY!

Please don’t let me become my mother…

  1. Dave170 says:

    >WOO!!!!!!!!!!!Mad love baby!!!!!!!!!!!I feel your domestic pain..I have a list of stuff I never get completed during the week..it all rolls to the weekend…hang in there!!!!!

  2. leannwoo says:

    >Thanks Dave, I’m feeling a lot better today. The meds for the sinus infection are finally kicking in, so I’m not feeling so down. It’s amazing how a little sickness can make you look at the world a little differntly.I think everyone has the same issues. The house is never clean enough. The kids are making messes, the dogs are making messes. My cats are the only ones in the house who clean up after themselves. That’s because they don’t use a litter box and do their business outside. Ok, the dogs do too, but they make messes when they eat, the track mud into the house from outside. My floors are a mess around the water bowl. I could mop 24/7 and I would still have water every where! :)But I Love them, so I put up with it. Clean it as best as I can and let them jump on my lap. Even my new black lab thinks she is a lap dog. 🙂

  3. AZTLGRL says:

    >Dude my parents put the smack down on us at the age of 7. We had to do our OWN laundry and clean our messes. If we didn’t we went to school with dirty clothes OR we got grounded from whatever.Today’s society is too soft on kids man…Then again that’s why i don’t have any! lol!

  4. Dusk says:

    >I don’t know how you haven’t turned into your mother already! I have one child and he’s 5 and I already did it! Hope those meds are doing the trick!

  5. leannwoo says:

    >Heather, doing your own laundry at 7? How’d you get the clothes out of the washer without falling in? I can’t even reach the bottom! :)Dusk, I hope and pray I am NEVER my mother…I want my children to love and respect me….. Oops, did that slip out? repressed anger? LOL!

  6. AZTLGRL says:

    >Leann did you forget that I am sasquatch? I was like 5’4″ at 7…

  7. leannwoo says:

    >so you could have like, kicked my butt at the age of 7? Dang, that is scary. I’ll never reach 5’4″. Maybe if I wear 3″ heals. 🙂 I almost have to stand on a stool to reach the bottom of the washer now!

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