>New Babies

Posted: December 9, 2005 in Uncategorized

Today is the day. Maybe… We are going to have some puppies added to our family. At least for a short while. My family is fostering a dog from the local dog pound. Her name is Mela. She is adorable and about to burst with puppies. I think we will have to keep her when all is said and done. How can I give her away. But no puppies will be staying with me. I have enough pets! I am already steeling myself against their cuteness. I will not succumb to the adorableness of puppy breath!

  1. AZTLGRL says:

    >Just think of all the pee, poop, chewing, peee, poop, chewing…

  2. leannwoo says:

    >Good thing they aren’t staying long enough to do too much damage. 🙂

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